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Another, Ascend Green Acrylic Trophy in our award series is a stylish symbol of success. Made from optical grade acrylic, this handmade corporate award is an impressive symbol of achievement. The steep corners represent the climbers made to achieve the pinnacle of their skills. Like most of our award series, the Ascend Green Acrylic Trophy is acclaimed by a smaller version. Used together there are similar rewards for both your champion and runner-up.

This classic-sized Ascend Green Acrylic Trophy is made from 25mm thick clear acrylic and is one of our most popular items. With the colour painted below, The Trophy Superstore‘s Ascend series provides an overall image, reflecting the colour on the front edges of the award. This item is available in three sizes and different colours. Green has a unique way of being reflected from the front and transparent from the back. The Trophy Superstore’s graphic designers will work with you to create a custom layout that deepens the individual feeling of each piece.

The Trophy Superstore can supply the Ascend Green Acrylic Trophy in three sizes: 160mm, 210mm, 260mm.

So why wait get yours now by ordering online at the Online Trophy Superstore.

If you have any question pertaining to these trophies, then feel free to contact us either via email (click here) or call us on 07 3841 5310.

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