Netball Trophies

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Apex Series Netball Trophy


New in 2021 – This pulse series of Netball Trophy highlights the boot and ball on a star background –...

Athletic Cup


A traditional cup design that is perfect for athletics carnivals or any other sporting event that have you have on....

Atomic Series Netball Trophy


Atomic Series Netball Trophy available in three sizes. This range’s sizes go from 120mm thru to a 155mm. These three...

Breaking Down Barriers Netball Trophy


Celebrate performance with a superior award.


Comet Netball Trophy


Comet series of netball trophies feature iconic ball & net elements framed by an elegant star inspired design. With space...

Cosmos Netball Series Trophy


NEW and ready for you – our Cosmos Netball Series are the perfect award for your next event. Featuring an extra-heavyweight...

Crown Cup


The crown cup is one of our most iconic set pieces. This trophy cup is simply phenomenal and is just...

Cyber Series Netball Trophy


New in 2020, the Cyber Series Netball Trophy is available in four sizes. 100mm, 120mm, 140mm  and 155mm. These sizes are perfect...

Elliptical Series Netball Trophy


Versatile for any of your club members – this trophy series features an abstract theme surrounded a netball theme. Our...

Flag Netball Player Trophy


Dynamic netball trophies feature a player in action framed by a stylish star inspired design. Netball trophies are finished in...

Gambit Netball Trophy


Brilliant netball trophy for your team or club. The Gambit offers a dynamic theme in antique silver & gold –...

Gold Nest Series Cup


A beautifully crafted and modern design embodies this cup. It is a solid metal cup at a great value. Perfect...

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