Ascend Aqua Acrylic Trophy

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It’s not every day you find a custom-designed piece that takes celebrations to new heights of success. The Ascend Aqua Acrylic Trophy features a color-marble finish at the bottom right, with a unique finish that presents fans on a stage at the top. Each color has a unique way of reflecting from the front and transparent reflection from the back. Our graphic designers will work with you to create a custom layout that deepens the unique feel of each piece. This classic-sized aqua acrylic trophy is made from 25mm thick clear acrylic and is one of The Trophy Superstore’s most popular items.

The Trophy Superstore’s Ascend Aqua Acrylic Trophy can be a simple blade that transforms into a beautiful work of art that anyone will be proud to display. These blades are designed to be free-standing instead of hanging from the wall. Made of one-inch thick transparent acrylic pieces, they stand like bookshelves. The design is smooth and elegant with great color schemes featuring different shades of blue. This smooth blade would be a great focal point for any mental or display case. It looks great at any office desk or business waiting room.

The Trophy Superstore‘s can supply this trophy in three size available: 160mm, 210mm, 260mm. So why wait get yours now by ordering online at the Online Trophy Superstore. If you have any question about these trophies contact us either on the email click here or call us on 073841 5310.

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