Ribbons for sporting events, special company events, competitions, club meets. The Ribbons can be customised with your company, sporting, club, logo and any wording you require. Sashes are also available for that special event, or competition winners and participants.

- Many colours available

- Customised ribbons and sashes for your event

- Larger sashes for “Best in Show” events for horticultural, livestock equestrian events

- Sashes for all types of pageants.


Custom Medals

A great way to brand your logo, market your business and personalise your award time, with a custom medallion. Your logo can be customised, which helps create an upmarket feel to your club, sporting group or company. Custom medallions come in three types – gold, silver, brushed bronze. Bulk buying gives you better buying per medallion, but once the set up cost for the die casting has been done, you can reorder anytime you like. Custom medallions can range from $6.00 per medal through to $14.00.


- Personalise your company logo

- Great way to market your business, club, organisation

- Special awards/gifts to club members, staff, employees

- Great alternative to trophies (ie. Sporting clubs and organisations)