Custom Framing Header

Custom framing is available for anyone who wants to immortalise behind glass a special event or some memorabilia. The high quality custom frames are available in a wide selection of frames ranging from black, gold, silver, mahogany edging , with the option of a matt background finish to enhance the overall look. Examples of custom framing can include:

  • Sporting memorabilia (medals, awards, jerseys, apparel)
  • Unique gifts such as family history (photos, war medals, children’s achievements)
  • Certificates, Awards, Important documents
  • Drawings (acrylic, oil, digital), Large photographs
  • Sentimental personal items (poems, marriage certificates, christening certificates etc)
  • Newspaper clippings, rare documents
  • Family portraits

Our framing service usually takes around 5 working days to complete. This obviously depends on the complexity and size of the frame. The longer you can give us to complete the job -  the better.

 Custom Frame of Football Jerseys